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1940's Style Delivery Truck© #1167

Kovacevich Fruit Farms
Empire Meats & Vegetables
Empire Delivery Truck

Kovacevich Fruit Farms. Base price $400. Special color choice, Hand painted logo both sides $450.

Empire Meats and Vegetables. $400. Tan and brown. Generic period signage 'Empire' Meats and Vegetables. Kosher sign available (FREE)

Empire Delivery Truck. Standard signage base price $400. This photo shows kosher signage and custom color. $450.

Special color choice add $25 (blue is nice!) Company logo, personalization add $25.

All prices are firm as of March 30, 2002. Orders placed after that date are subject to these prices. Prices on all previous brochures, lists, websites etc. will not be honored except at the discretion of Henry Cavanagh.
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