Ceramicar Portrait Dogs (and Cats)

When people saw the dalmatian in the Fire Chief's Car and the German Shepherd in the Police Car, they felt left out, they wanted their own dogs portrayed! The customer is always right and the result is a collaboration with ceramic artist Laura Wilensky (check out her site) who produces pets and people to ride in my cars. Many of the original special orders were so good they became standards. Laura still does one pet at a time, based on photos supplied by the customer. Where photos are not supplied, she uses reference books for inspiration. Click on the photos to see a larger photo and prices.

1930's Style Roadster
1930's Style Roadster

Spaniel and Cat Pair
Pink Poodles Portrait Dogs

Custom Color, Portrait dogs
Dog Lover Gone Wild

Humane Dog Catcher
Perky spaniel 'captive'

Yellow Cab with Bulldog Driver
Heidi and Nikki's Big Adventure

Aki and Waki's Big Adventure

No animals were injured or mistreated in the production of this work where possible the dogs are attached to the cars while the clay is wet and glazed permanently in place. Most often they are bonded to the cars using rare and expensive silicone.

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