Got room in your kitchen for all 
these great cookie jars?

It’s difficult to categorize these fine
masterpieces of the ceramic art.

They are handsomely crafted, they are functional as can be, and they evoke an era we all lived through and remember with fondness.

Well, most of us, anyway...

Henry Cavanagh.
The artist with his 1940's
Checker Cab Company Sedan.
In 2002 ceramicar/dinerware celebrates 25 years in business producing limited edition handmade functional ceramic tableware.

Ceramicar began in 1992. Cookie Jars in the Ceramicar line average about 14" in length, 9" across the front and as much as 9 to 10" high. (Average weight is about 6 lbs.) As you will see there are only 5 body styles but many variations. they are produced using the slip casting process from original molds. Every step from casting to painting is hand done. They are produced in signed, numberd limited editions of 200. On many of the cars there is a personalization option; your name, cab co. your town police, fire and ambulance, your business delivery truck, etc. there is a stated $25.00 charge for personalization but most personalization is so simple it is FREE. Extra charges for special colors is due to the cost of pre-testing for suitability and customer approval and extra labor and risk. Delivery on most orders is 3 to 6 weeks. Prices include packing, shipping and insurance.

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